by Kimberly Poole
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Captain Serena Meyers -
Kim Poole

1st Mate Grady -
Gareth Bowley

Lt. Cmdr. Savage -
Shayla Conrad-Simms

Security Chief Martez -
Reynaud LeBoeuf

Middy Korvitch -
Joel Harvey

Middy Tallman -
Leonard Greene

Pilot - Beverly Poole

Capt. Buchanan -
Glen Hallstrom



Announcer -
Melissa Pang

Sydney - Carl Cubbedge

Dana - Tanja Milojevic

Julie - Robin Keyes

Dr. Wasshu -
Julie Hoverson

Green - Mike Campbell

Middy Gwen - Sara Falconer



Casey - Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Madison - Shelbi McIntyre

Sonya - Kris Keppeler



Miss Shroodinski - Jennifer Dixon

Gerald Crane - Luke LeBoeuf

Mr. Crane - Tim LeBoeuf

Mrs. Crane - Eleiece Krawiec

Specialist Fescue - Leonard Greene

KT - Julie Hoverson

Minya - Melissa Bartell

Raj - Danar Hoverson

Royce - James Sedgwick



Hannah - Tanja Milojevic

Alsalum - Rick Lewis

Hercule - Russell Gold




cover art

Brett Coulstock


Written and

Produced by

Kimberly Poole


Hole with a

Rock Around It Productions

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  Warp'd Space is a space opera set in the far-flung future of humanity.  Rather than focusing on huge space battles and spiffy laser swords, Warp'd Space tells the story of people on a colony ship - a ship they will be on for a very long time.

Welcome to The Drake!  The Drake's mission is a so-called "milk run" - a series of colony drop-offs and pickups.  Moving people from one sector of the galaxy to another one just like it... just not quite as civilized.

Hard on the heels of a galactic civil war that all the various factions of humanity are still recovering from, colonization seems the logical answer to the in-fighting of disparate cultural groups, but Star Services, the latest face of the military, still controls travel - with the proprietary jump drive technology. 

Even with the jump drive, habitable worlds are few and far between, so the milk run takes years and years - unless a ship comes across one of the colonies "lost" in the war, and then it can take much, much longer.

The Drake is honored to welcome Captain Eldrige Buchanan - war hero and legendary leader - taking on the helm for his final trip before retirement.


Episode 001 "Milk Run" debuted on October 1, 2009.
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Episode 002 - "Our Way" is available!
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Episode 003 - "For the Record" (part 1)
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Episode 004 - "For the record" (Part 2)
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Episede 005 - "Day of Peace/Peace Day"
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Episode 006 - "All Hands on Deck"
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Episode 007 - "One of Us"
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Episode 008 - "It's a Life"
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Welcome to the Drake!

Episode 3:  "For the Record (part 1)"

Episode 4:  "For the Record (part 2)"













Episode 5:  Day of Peace/Peace Day


Episode 6:  All Hands on Deck


    Episode 7:  One of Us















Episode 8 - It's a Life