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This is a sampling of old photographs I have - usable for character sheets and personal use.
These scans are covered by a creative commons license -
No attribution, Share-alike, NON-COMMERCIAL.

You can copy and use them for personal use and projects, but do not resell them. 

If you have a commercial project, like a gaming book, that you would like to use some of these

in, please contact me - we can work something out.

--Julie Hoverson











Am I the only one who worries that this pic is a "hit list"?





Some locations and things...


All persons, places, and incidents in all 19 Nocturne Boulevard episodes are entirely fictional and
are the creation of Julie Hoverson, or are fictional versions of real places and events. 
Any resemblance to any persons, living, dead, or undead, is entirely coincidental.



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