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The Leech download! MisterScott99 (on Youtube)
A Tropical Horror download! Komrade K and Kevin MacLeod
Wit & Wizardry download! Lady Caroline's Regency Romp
by Lexington Vintage Dance Society
Night Patrol download! Stacey Sullivan
Childhood Trauma download! Zero Project (via Jamendo)
Seance download! Kevin MacLeod
Splinters of the Gate (Plain Jane, #2) download! Unkle Nancy and the Family Jewels
The Naked Truth (B&B Investigations, #2) download! Somewhere Off Jazz Street
Lost Hearts download! A-M Classical
CHEMO:  The Town of Golden Woods
[warning - foul language and violence]
download! Matthew Pasternakiewicz
Bread Overhead download! Kevin MacLeod
Set Piece download! Antonio Gervasoni, available on Jamendo
Cymbeline Revisited download! Kevin MacLeod
Dragon download! Celestial Aeon Project
SNAFU download! Хаос-Модуль, available on Jamendo

Cautionary Tale

download! Yael Bat-Shimon
A Stitch in Time download!


Dis Belief download!

Flores Negras

The Big Dark download! Projekt Niewidzialne Swinie
Il Professoro's Daughter download! Kostas Vomvolos [also Jamendo]
Idiot Box download! Brian Bochicchio [Seraphic Panoply Music]
An Hour to Kill download!

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

Force Majeure download!

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

Bride of the Minotaur (Plain Jane, #1) download! The Concertina Connection
Three Exes for Xmas download! Jason Shaw Audionautix.com
The Gift of the Zombi download! Jason Shaw Audionautix.com



Jamick [via Jamendo]

Drawer 23


Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

The Rookie download!

PeerGynt Lobogris

 When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow  [WARNING:  violence, mature situations] download!

Professor Kliq

Cultists Stole My Baby! download!

Josh Woodward

Sword Kvetch download!

Celestial Aeon Project

For Art's Sake download!

Professor Kliq

Housewarming download!

Gabriel Garcea

The Seventh Key download!

C. Felipe Alves

Questions in a Dark Room download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Canterville Ghost download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
Cry Wolf (B&B Investigations, #1) download!

Somewhere Off Jazz Street

Where Are You Now?
[Warning:  Violence and mature themes!]

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

Exit Strategy
[Warning:  Some scenes NSFW, Some strong language!]


Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

Lonely At The Top download!

Josh Woodward
Philippe Mangold

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

Crumping the Devil
[WARNING:  extreme foul language, mature situations]

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

The Outpost download!


Murder Ward download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
A Trilogy for Xmas download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
Jack.  In the Box. download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
Hallow's Eve download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
Making Book
[Warning:  Mature language!]
download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Thrice Tolled Bell download!

The Toy Box Trio




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The Deadeye Kid  download! Jere Canote
A Hanging At Pickens Rock (#2) download! Jere Canote
Hostel Territory (#3) download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]



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and "Save As"


Within the Walls of Eryx download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
Chillin' download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Temple download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Picture in the House (Lovecraft 5, #1) download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Haunter of the Dark (Lovecraft 5, #2) download!

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

The View From Within (Lovecraft 5, #3) download!

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]



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The Phantom Luncheon

download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
Tobermorey download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Saki Quartette download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]


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and "Save As"


Heir Aberrant download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
Yew Will Know Me
(from M.R. James)
download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Fairy King download! Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]
The Darrin Dilemma download!

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

The Archway Room
(Guest producer Kimberly Poole)


Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]

(Guest producer Jason Zippay)

Kevin MacLeod [Incompetech.com]



New to 19 Nocturne? 
lick here to download 13 episodes in a zip file. 
Chillin', Hallow's Eve, Jack In the Box, Making Book, Murder Ward, Saki Quartette, Seventh Key, Sword Kvetch, The Temple, The Thrice Tolled Bell, Where are you Now?, Within the Walls of Eryx, Trilogy for Xmas.
A second 13 episodes - Click here. B&B Investigates/Cry Wolf, Canterville Ghost, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow, Crumping the Devil, Cultists Stole my Baby!, The Deadeye Kid, Deadeye 2:  A Hanging at Pickens Rock, Exit Strategy, For Art's Sake, Housewarming, Lonely at the Top, The Outpost, Questions in a Dark Room.
Another collection:  Download here. PromEvil 1-4, Gift of the Zombi, 3 Exes for Xmas, Draculadotcom, Drawer 23, The Wrong Bob, Hostel Territory (Deadeye Kid 3), The Picture in the House, The Bride of the Minotaur, The Rookie



PromEvil - An "audio movie" that takes you to one of the scariest places on earth - High School. 
For more details, check out our lovely "PromEvil pages of doom!"

Right click on the link and save as for each part:
Part one!
Part two!
Part three!
Part four!


Bingo the Birthday Clown
Check out the Bingo page!


Episode 1, "Before"
Episode 2, "Liberate"
Episode 3,
"Talent Show"
Episode 4
"Episode 256"
Episode 5, "Let Bingo Out"
Episode 6, "The Red Zone"
Episode 7, "Lucky Penny"
Episode 8, "Monkey Drop"
Episode 9, "Rude Awakening"
Episode 10, "Poetry in Motion"

[Music by Project System 12 - via Jamendo]


All persons, places, and incidents in all 19 Nocturne Boulevard episodes are entirely fictional and
are the creation of Julie Hoverson, or are fictional versions of real places and events. 
Any resemblance to any persons, living, dead, or undead, is entirely coincidental.
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