What does Julie do?
{What doesn't she do?}

I'm going to use this page for anything cool about me, like appearances on other people's podcasts, my audio blogs, and anything else I think of. 


eh...  why not....

BLOGS (here's some of my old blogs)

First audio blog  - 12/15 - Bingo the Birthday Clown, Two Front Teeth, Christmas Birthdays, Saki. (contest over)

Second audio blog - 1/3 - More Bingo, shouts to cool people, lots of babbling, Giallo script, upcoming shtuff, Deadeye kid.
(I make a point not to edit these - so I apologize for repeating myself, etc...)

Third audio blog from Julie.  Challenges, RPGs (real ones - on a table top with dice), what's coming up, and PERFUME:  The Story of a Murderer.  Why?  It's late...   ;)

I was recording some extra lines for Crumping the Devil last night and got off on a tangent, so here's another audio blog.  Yup,  I'm a bit of a chatterbox.

More blog - People Under the Stairs, Nightmare 2, Kolchak 

New audio blog

Another audio blog.  Kind of long.  Watch out - I sing.

And another little rant, where I babble more about writing...

Some more blog babbling about writing and whatever else popped into my head...

Another audio blog about writing - I address a topic close to my heart - the opening scene.

Yup, I can't shut up - more blog.  The movie Outlander falls under my scrutiny.  Sigh.

The REAL BLOGS begin here.  These come out weekly and are an actual podcast devoted to writing, editing, and acting for audio drama.


  • I got to join John at the Twilight Blood Podcast (along with Sidney Williams of FearonDemand) for a great discussion of Fritz Lang's classic movie "M" (episode 9)!

  • I got to join the Splattercast (episode 124) for a discussion of Full Moon Movies!

  • I've placed a couple of gibbery voice mails that got played on Drunken Zombie Podcast

  • I got to do a recap/intro for episode 3 (season 2) of One-Eighteen Migration!

  • I made an ad for Michael Coleman's Tales of the Extraordinary ("Monster Island" episode)
  • I got interviewed by Fred at Radio Drama Revival in conjunction with the 19 Nocturne Boulevard episode "The Saki Quartette"
  • I'm the announcer for Misfits Audio's Strange Stories.
  • I have a small part in the show "Gaia's Voyages", now at BrokenSea Audio.
  • Also at BrokenSea, I'm in both the X-Files fanfic show and the Kolchak fanfic (Miss Emily!!!)
  • In BrokenSea's Maudelayne, episode 12 (part 2), I play an elderly fairy.
  • Macabre Mansion, in addition to playing back episodes of 19 Nocturne Boulevard, hosts "Staring up your own Eyeball" an advice show where I play Lena Yvanda, gypsy fortuneteller.  Bela, Lena's cousin, also shows up sometimes...

  • I was  a presenter for the second annual SPLATCADEMY AWARDSThese are horror movie awards organized by the guys over at Dead Lantern's Splattercast.  

Don't forget the 19 Nocturne Boulevard forum over at Audio Drama Talk, where I've been posting announcements of upcoming episodes, and all the rough drafts of Bingo the Birthday Clown


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