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(Ok, just Julie's favorites, but they are awesome - take my word for it!
There are plenty of other great shows out there, but these are the ones that hit me in the funky bone...)






HORROR Audio Dramas



The Unspeakable and Inhuman I don't just mention this one because I happen to be in it... It's hilarious.  Like H.P. Lovecraft and General Hospital had a baby After Lives


Just the best.  Well written, acted, produced and continuity-ed.  Set in (surprise!) the After Life, or rather all afterlives, several folks slip loose from their own respective heavens or hells and go gallivanting about in the company of an angel (and occasionally a demon) and find there are more things in heaven and earth... etc....
Wormwood Weird little town, paranormal investigator, local legends and cults and everything!  Dr. Crow, the "hero" is one of those super-grating yet lovable bastards (think "House, M.D."). Second Shift


Modern folks end up in fantasy world.  But the fantasy world is not thinly-disguised Tolkien/D&D/medieval Europe, but something that truly stands alone.  It's well thought out and has its own language and everything.  A lot of thought goes into the world and the show - and it makes it well worth listening to.
One-Eighteen Migration ZOMBIESSSSSS!!!  what else do I have to say?  ZOMBIESSSSS!  Actually, this show is super-creepy, and definitely for mature listeners only.  This one actually creeps me out - and I'm a tough nut to crack.  Once Upon a Time in Vegas


 Modern day, three women work for a promotions firm in Vegas.  Add in werewolves, thinly disguised fairy tale plots, sexy beast romance (oh YEAH!!!), and some incredibly good writing and acting, and this will keep you giggling all day.   Feel the WE-ness - you know you want to.
After Hell


MORE ZOMBIESSSS! I've only heard the third story - Bloodbath at the Giallo Hotel - but it was pretty darned good, and MAN these guys love their gristle-y noises!  I think each story is only available for free listening (in low quality MP3) for a certain amount of time, then you have to purchase a CD.


Kung Fu Action Theatre


Kung Fu on radio!  Good and improving all the time.  They present a variety of sub-genre serieses from the Kung Fu (and anime) genres, including modern day crimefighters, futuristic empires, and classic era kung fu tales.  Excellent writing, particularly on my fave, the "Little Gou" series ("classical Kung Fu" era).


Age of the Zombies [I should just make a subcategory, eh?]

Long enough after a ZOMBIE attack for people to have some kind of organization, this series centers around a group who routinely go out to "safe houses" they have set up to collect survivors.
Geek by Night A bunch of friends in a comic shop get granted super powers and try their luck as (fairly limited) superheroes.  Very cut
HG World During and immediately after the zombpocalypse, a small town in Pennsylvania deals with the dual invasion - first big business in the form of "Home & Garden (HG) World", and then the much less insidious ZOMBIES....
We're Alive An exceptionally professional quality production, WA deals with the initial ZOMBIE infection and the days that follow in and around Los Angeles - and the survivors who step up to help each other make it through.    
In the Gloaming

Superb creepy horror out of England.  If 19 Nocturne is like the Twilight Zone, In the Gloaming is definitely Tales from the Crypt....




HUMOR Audio Dramas

  Horror Movie Review podcasts
Tales of the Extraordinary


Not only is this a fun spoof of the globe-trotting adventure serial of days of yore, these people also sometimes perform it live!  Set in the 20s, and with a cast of characters that include a silent film star, a world renowned British explorer, and an alcoholic chimpanzee, how can you bear to miss this?  (A hint - click on the zeppelin when you get there.)
Drunken Zombie Podcast Living up to their name, this is a group of guys who drink and chat about various horror topics, from Lost Boys to Vincent Price, from zombies to H.P. Lovecraft.  It's fun, since they like to play listeners' voice mails (presumably to make more time for drinking....grin), and for all the digressions, they're pretty darn funny.
The Paranormalists Though they've only got two complete stories, and no word on when there may be more, give it a listen.  Brown Willy is particularly cute.  Nice hit on the dry British sense of absurd humor. Horror Etc. Podcast Cool guys in Canada who bring their own fun attitude to the topic of horror movies and whatever else catches their fancy to chat about along the way.  Sometimes drink a bit too.
Beware the Moon Wraith Hilarious take on the classic "mystic crimefighter" genre we all know and love - with just enough tongue in cheek to keep startling you into bouts of laughter at embarrassing moments on the bus... Mail Order Zombie Brother D and Miss B discuss every direct to video zombie movie under the sun (and a few that actually made it to theaters).  There's PILES of them!!!  Brother D gives really great in-depth reviews, and saves you all the trouble of watching the truly crappy ones!!!
Dick Dynamo, the Fifth Dimensional Man So wrong, it's right.  Hilarious spoof of the worst of sci fi, with the most obnoxious "manly man" hero since Sledge Hammer!  One of the least PC shows I've ever loved. Dead Lantern's Splattercast Another group of fun guys who skype in from across the country to discuss horror movies.  Also home of the Splatcademy Awards!!!
Two-Minute Danger Theater! Oodles of fun, these bite sized episodes are designed to go down as easily as the daily comic strips in the newspaper - and ten times as funny.  Particularly when you collect the whole story arc!  They have three different series - Blast-Off Patrol, Blake Diamond (Jungle Adventurer), and The Voice!!!!  

Others I like (and should have descrioptions):
It Came from the Basement
Twilight Blood Podcast
Midnight Horror Podcast
The Graveyard Show!

....but I've been lame.


EVEN MORE audio drama:

The Sonic Society

Radio Drama Revival 

Icebox Radio Theater

Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind

Misfits Audio

Gypsy Audio

Wander Radio
Imagination Lane



Hoad's Grim

Lovely creepy book - can't say too much without giving away stuff, except to say don't forget to listen to the prologue. 

Crescent Station

Sci fi/horror crunchy goodness!  A space outpost where terrible things have begun to happen.  Or maybe they've been happening for a while and no one's noticed?  Way cool.  Really not for the immature and underage.  Seriously graphic.

Billibub Baddings

 Nice oddball fantasy mashup - Dwarf (as in "Dwarves and Elves") falls through magic gate and ends up in the U.S. of A. sometime around prohibition.  Needing to get a job that doesn't involve being tossed or entertaining children, he goes the obvious route and becomes a Private Eye.


Broken Sea Audio

These guys have sooo much stuff, it's hard to know what to mention.  More of a "network" (since I don't know if there is even a name for those enterprising websites that have a BUNCH of audio drama shows all going at once) than a site supporting a single program (or a specific genre like Kung Fu AT, above), Brokensea has movie adaptations (Planet of the Apes, Logan's Run), TV homages (Dr. Who), books - both in straight audiobook style and as adaptations, and original serieses as well!!!  Everything!  You just have to check it out.

Big Finish Productions

What we all want to be when we grow up - I haven't listened to their Dr. Who, Dark Shadows, Stargate Atlantis, or Tomorrow People, but I assume they are awesome, since I am a faithful subscriber to Sapphire & Steel (these aren't free, but they are worth tracking down).  I was skeptical at first, being a big fan of the original TV series, but was so impressed I couldn't resist buying them all... Best episode to begin with - "The Passenger" (the first one) of course.  My faves - "Daisy Chain," "The Perfect Day," and the absolutely brilliant "Mystery of the Missing Hour".

American Radio Theater ("ART")

is a group dedicated to re-creating, rejuvenating, and revitalizing old time radio - through re-recording shows from back in the day which have vanished into the past, as well as creating new shows "in the style of".  Several episodes of 19 Nocturne Boulevard have been recorded at ART's studios, with the cooperation, skill, and talent of ART's members.

Audio Drama Talk

Not a show, but a networking site all for those of us who make this stuff!  It has announcements of new shows, lists audition opportunities for voice actors, and is a great way to get to know the rest of the folks out here slugging away to entertain you!

Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg - a great source for public domain literature.  I find a lot of great stuff to adapt here.  And Project Gutenberg is very very careful about checking that stuff is public domain before they include it in their collection.  No time to browse?  Go to Gutenberg's partner site Librivox, where volunteers record audio books of all sorts of stuff. 

H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Two guys who chat about, and dissect (and occasionally mock) classic stories by H.P. Lovecraft.



Kevin MacLeod Incompetech.com - with a PILE of music, his music is the sine qua non of internet audio drama.... Jamendo the place I find lots of cool musicians.  FULL of albums of every possible kind, all uploaded by the musicians for free download, and generally for other Creative Commons use as well (you know, like in the background of shows).

Out of Poland, his 8 albums are all top notch ambient and soundtrack material.  [The Outpost]

Professor Kliq Electronic/trance/triphop and so much more - he likes to call his work "experiments". [For Art's Sake; When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow]
Josh Woodward Indie acoustic rock - With song titles like "I want to destroy something beautiful", "Methylchloroisothiazolinone" and "Nincompoop" (and that's just on one album...), how can you go wrong? (and his site is great - with lyrics, all instrumental versions, and cross-referencing depending on the type of music you like!) 
[Lonely at the Top, Cultists Stole my Baby!]
C. Filipe Alves A teacher in Portugal with a nice selection of soundtrack music, ranging from spooky to happy and back. [The Seventh Key]
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets Lovecraft-inspired punk band!  Great stuff - particularly their latest album, "The Shadow out of Tim"!  [Exit Strategy] Jerry Canote

The Canote Brothers - Carrying on a family tradition of folk music, Jerry provides the awesome cowboy harmonica tunes for The Deadeye Kid.

Philippe Mangold Another fabulous artist I found on Jamendo.  His music has great ambience in a wide variety of moods.  [Lonely at the Top] Buz Hendricks / Somewhere Off Jazz Street Another gem I found on Jamendo, Buz includes an awesome sultry sax in most of his music, and that was exactly what I was looking for to cast the tone for Cry Wolf.
Celestial Aeon Project Personal one-man project of Matti Paalanen. Background music for pen & paper roleplaying games and just easy and atmospheric listening.  [Sword Kvetch] Jamick Another great artist out of Poland, whom I found on Jamendo.  Very cool electronic music that sets a tone of technology for the much anticipated DraculaDotCom.
Gabriel Garcea A musician working in Italy, composing for movies and TV.   [Housewarming] Toy-Box Trio A local Seattle composer, Harley Glotzer, and various musical associates.  [The Thrice Told Bell]
Project System 12 A very prolific and versatile music group whose work will be populating Bingo the Birthday Clown!! Peer Gynt Lobogris An artist with a wide range of fabulous mood pieces, from full on metal to dark ambiant. [The Rookie]


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