First, me:

Julie Hoverson - Creator of 19 Nocturne Boulevard.  I do all the writing, all the screaming and scheduling, all the mixing, the website here, and a lot less of the acting than I originally intended.  I was pleasantly surprised to find so many great people to work with, and only keep the choicest parts for myself.  Years back, I was also the motivating force behind "Serendipity's Circle", a magazine for role-playing games, along with my good friend and editor Steve Guy.  

Abner Senires:              Prince Tupin, Sword Kvetch; Luke, The Seventh Key

Alan H. MacDonald:     Herman/Dragon, Dragon

Angela Kirby:               Carol, The Jingles; Leora Duncan, 2BR02B; Waitress, An Hour to Kill; Doctor, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods; Solange, For Art's Sake; Ma, Force Majeure; Woman2, Hot Ginger Bread; Gonzalez, SNAFU; Sherry, The Wrong Bob; Mrs. Hooper, Hallow's Eve

Ayoub Khote:               Delhi Telefax, Bread Overhead; Randolph, Cautionary Tale; Zombie Rick, Three Exes for Christmas; Soames, The Facts Concerning...

Barry Northern:            Caius, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Naturalist, Splinters of the Gate; Willard, The Naked Truth

Beverly Poole:              Beverly, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Voicebox, Gift of the Zombi; Giovanni, Lost Hearts; Gloria, Quail Seed; Phoebe Grey, Wit and Wizardry; Boy Blue, Cry wolf; Voice of the Computer, DraculaDotCom; Abby, Exit Strategy; Gordie, For Art's Sake; Bool, Hallow's Eve; Burden, Hostel Territory; Alison, Idiot box; Beatrice, Il Professoro's Daughter; Woman, Karma; Tess, Lonely at the Top; Carol, Questions in a Dark Room; Gilda, Sťance; Little Debbie, The Archway Room; Gordy, The Big Dark; Virginia Otis, The Canterville Ghost; Marilee Tarbox, The Deadeye Kid; Recorder, The Outpost; Vera, The Saki Quartette; Emily Wrackgarth, Trilogy for Xmas; Recorder, Within the Walls of Eryx; Plain Jane, Bride of the Minotaur; Plain Jane, Splinters of the Gate

Bill Hollweg:                 Grisham, Auld Lang Syne; Man in bathroom, Exit Strategy; Walker, SNAFU; Abner Tarbox, The Deadeye Kid

Bob Noble:                  Host, An Hour to Kill; Jove, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Chuck, Gift of the Zombi; Clyde Wishwell, Haunting Melody; Mr. Wallace, Reel 54; Jorge, Dis Belief

Brandon O'Brien:          Biker, Crumping the Devil; Clark, Exit Strategy; Jerry, Where Are you Now?

Brenda Dau (Mail Order Zombie):        Mia, Gift of the Zombi; Hannah, Sťance; Lynne Closkey, Reel 54

Brett Coulstock:           First Lord, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Naturalist, Bread Overhead; Coyote Dark, The Big Dark

Brian Lomatewama:      Mark, Exit Strategy; Timmy, Hallow's Eve; Frogger Poe-etic Justice

Brody Walker:              Climber 1, Bread Overhead; Stumpy, Hot Ginger Bread; Patent Powder, Splinters of the Gate

Bryan Hendricksen:      General, Bread Overhead; Dracula, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Shallott, Hot Ginger Bread; Boatswain Muller / Raabe, The Temple; General, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods; Dracula, DraculaDotCom; Mr. Summerfield, Drawer 23; Frank Connors, The Leech; Clerk, Wit and Wizardry; Edward, The Picture in the House; Edward, The Haunter of the Dark; Edward, The View From Within; Edward, The Facts Concerning...

Candace Behuniak:       Patron1, Auld Lang Syne; Dr. Keen, Childhood Trauma

Caretaker (graveyard show):  Detective, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow

Carl Cubbedge:            Fred Quarry, Force Majeure; Fred Quarry (cameo), The Darrin Dilemma; Herbert, The Picture in the House; Herbert, The Haunter of the Dark; Herbert, The View From Within; Herbert, The Facts Concerning...

Cary Ayers:                  Driver, The Leech; Allenson, The Leech; Gingerbread Thug, Hot Ginger Bread

Chandra Wade:            Child, Cultists Stole My Baby; Imogen, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Phoebe, Lost Hearts; Sophie Grey, Wit and Wizardry; Portia, Cry Wolf; Willa Murray, The Big Dark; Nora, The Saki Quartette; Cindy Applegate, The Seventh Key; Deanna, Poe-Etic Justice

Chris Stockett:              Fleet, Hot Ginger Bread; Juniper, Hot Ginger Bread; Caller3 / Jazz podcaster, A Date With Dana; Rufus, Reel 54

Cole Hornaday:            Lenny, An Hour to Kill; Grigg, Hallow's Eve; Victor Malacard, Housewarming; Mockam, Jack in the Box; Simeon Broadstreet, Making Book; Additional voices, Making Book; Hector Wilson, Murder Ward; Thaddeus, Questions in a Dark Room; Franz/Frank, Set Piece; Sir Simon de Canterville, The Canterville Ghost; Bachelor, The Saki Quartette; Judlip, Trilogy for Xmas; Frederick N. Dwight, Within the Walls of Eryx; Dude, The Rookie

Colin McRoberts          Cop 1, Hot Ginger Bread

Crystal Thomson:          Sheri, Gift of the Zombi; Goldy Taylor, The Naked Truth (B&B2); Mandy, The Seventh Key

Dan Conklin:                Eb Drummond, The Deadeye Kid

Danar Hoverson:  Barry, A Date With Dana; Doomsayer, Bread Overhead; Roj / Jacob, Countdown; Specialist Kalwoski, Night Patrol; Mwanu, The Facts Concerning...; Willem, Set Piece; Trey Poe-etic Justice; Agent, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods

Derek M. Koch (Mail Order Zombie):  Tourguide, Bread Overhead; Danny McGuire, Reel 54; Ben, Gift of the Zombi

Desmond Reddick (dreadmedia):          Cop1, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow

Eleiece Krawiec:           Liz, Childhood Trauma; Moriarty, The Leech

Eli Nilssen:                    Todd, PromEvil; Ben, Childhood Trauma; Mark, The Darrin Dilemma; Teenage son, Idiot box

Ellen Vickery:               Interviewer, Bread Overhead; Debbie, Idiot box; Magda/Mandy, Set Piece; Amy, Three Exes for Christmas; Fiona Cross, Housewarming; Grover, The Canterville Ghost; Fran Hooper, Hallow's Eve

Emmatrice Devan:         Bedelia Crane, Drawer 23

Ferguson and Spawn    Preacher and child in church, Bread Overhead

Fiona Thraill                 Adele, the dead mother, Wit and Wizardry

Florida Possum             June, A Date With Dana

Frankenvox:                 Tick, Gift of the Zombi; Mason, butler , Housewarming; Tick, Three Exes for Christmas; Voice on phone, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow; Announcer, Idiot Box; Trooper2, The Seventh Key

Fred Greenhalgh (Radio Drama Revival) - Scientist, Bread Overhead; Sergeant Hawkins, The Big Dark

Gareth Bowley:             Gerald St. Jude, Bride of the Minotaur; Sir Lucius, Dragon; Gerald St. Jude, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Mazurin, Sword Kvetch; Albert Grapp, Trilogy for Xmas

Garr Godfrey                Claude, Sťance; Greg Hunt, Castle Makeover

Gene Thorkildsen:        Finster, Reel 54; Fred, A Date With Dana; Sheriff Peters, A Jury of Her Peers; Instructor Jones, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods; Halston, Drawer 23; Lute Fowler, Hanging at Pickens Rock; Grant Hickey, The Outpost; Wallace, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Bob Johnson, The Wrong Bob

George Dunn                Gordy, Drawer 23; Dude, The Rookie

Glen Hallstrom              Caller2, A Date With Dana; Old man, The Archway Room; Sheriff Flynn, The Leech; Herbie, The Naked Truth (B&B2); Mr. Hale, A Jury of Her Peers; Commander Bennington, Auld Lang Syne; Phineas T. Gryce, Bread Overhead; Lecturer, Bride of the Minotaur; Papa, Cautionary Tale; Rydon, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods; Marco, Fool me Once; Captain Meisterburger, Hot Ginger Bread; Fred, Idiot box; Commander, Night Patrol; Paul Onios, Sťance; Lecturer, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Doctor Van Helsing, The Big Dark; Old Man, The Rookie; Warren, The View Lrom Within (L5_3); Detective Gules, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow; Don Phillips, One Out of Ten; Warren, The Facts Concerning...; Old Herbie, The Jingles; Old Farmer's Wife, Dragon; Koslowski, SNAFU; Whisperer, Reel 54; crew, Fool me Once; Pisanio, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Geek , Gift of the Zombi; Will Fayette, Hostel Territory; Quincey, DraculaDotCom; Warren, The Picture in the House; Trooper1, The Seventh Key

Graciespoppy:              Trainer/Cop1, Hot Ginger Bread

Grant Baciocco:   Professor Michaels, The Leech; Ruffian1, Auld Lang Syne

Greg Porter:                 Jack, Jack in the Box; Jordan, Making Book; Terrance, Murder Ward

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard:  Russian wife, Bread Overhead; Hygiene, Cultists Stole My Baby; Gwendolyn, Dragon; News voice, Exit Strategy; Sherry, The Naked Truth (B&B2); Mrs. Peters, A Jury of Her Peers; Lady Poet, Bride of the Minotaur; Jemma, Crumping the Devil; Lucy, DraculaDotCom; Ginger, Hot Ginger Bread; Landlady, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2)

H. Keith Lyons             Brigadier-General, The Leech

Helen Edwards:            Helen, Idiot Box

Henry Mark:                 Theo Walsh, Cultists Stole My Baby; Garcia, Night Patrol; Bob Johnston, The Wrong Bob

Hillary Dixon:                Miss Stossen, The Saki Quartette; Sheriff Nell Milford, The Deadeye Kid

Hollweg girls                 Scream doubles, The Saki Quartette

J. Christopher Dunn:     Orderly, 2BR02B; Old Frank, Countdown; Argus, The Naked Truth (B&B2); Smiling Jim Parsons, One Out of Ten

J. Spyder Isaacson:       Dr. Seward, DraculaDotCom; Holder, Bride of the Minotaur; Deadeye Kid, Fool me Once; Lemuel Roberts, The Deadeye Kid; Lemuel Roberts, Hanging at Pickens Rock; Lemuel Roberts, Hostel Territory; Dr. Hitz, 2BR02B; Lemuel Roberts, Auld Lang Syne; Steff / Dutch, Countdown; Iachimo, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Ted, Gift of the Zombi; Lemuel Roberts, Haunting Melody (DeK4); Phil, The Jingles; Bob, news, The Rookie

J.D. Lloyd:                   Roy Chambers, For Art's Sake; Larkey Collins, Hanging at Pickens Rock (DeK2); Randall Cullom, Hostel Territory (DeK3)

Jack Kincaid                County Attorney, A Jury of Her Peers; Solicitor, Bride of the Minotaur; Professor, Bride of the Minotaur; Satan, Crumping the Devil; Belarius, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Red, Haunting Melody (DeK4); Man, Karma; Father, Sťance; Professor, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Coroner, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow

Jacquie Duckworth:      Mama, Cautionary Tale; Mrs. Emma Cartland, Haunting Melody (DeK4); Chemin, SNAFU; Lacey, The Darrin Dilemma; Emergency phone voice, Three Exes for Christmas

Jake Bible:                    Young, SNAFU

Jake Stratton:               Jimmy, Making Book; Jake Drummond, The Deadeye Kid

James Sedgwick           Man in film, The Lamp Goes Out; Frankie, Reel 54; the Leech, The Leech

Jason Zippay                Advert, 2BR02B; Corporal, Auld Lang Syne; Cop3, Karma; Lieutenant Head, Night Patrol

Jasper Loovis:              Timothy Grant, Drawer 23; Washington Otis, The Canterville Ghost; Mover, The Canterville Ghost; Bertie, The Saki Quartette

Jeff Adams                   (Icebox) Detective Bud O'Brien, Reel 54; Roberts, Auld Lang Syne

Jeff Pittman                   hawkers 1, Bread Overhead; Town Elder, Dragon; Gary, news, The Rookie

Jeff Taylor                    hawkers 3, Bread Overhead; Town Elder, Dragon; Fred, news, The Rookie

Jennifer Dixon               Housekeeper, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Nanny, Auld Lang Syne; Mrs. Bunch, Lost Hearts; Mrs. Greyes , Quail Seed; Margaret, Sťance; Miss Tinsdale, Wit and Wizardry

Jerry Bennett:               Tin Philosopher, Bread Overhead; Reporter / Moderator / News 1, Bread Overhead; Justice, Cultists Stole My Baby; George Webber, Housewarming; Controller, SNAFU; Retributo, The Rookie

Jody Montague:            Gertie, Making Book; Jenfaire Tarbox, The Deadeye Kid; Mrs. Stossen, The Saki Quartette

Joel Harvey                  Joel, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Guiderius, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Copper, Bride of the Minotaur; Simon Strong, Chilllin'; Paul Bett, Cry wolf; Bruce, Cultists Stole My Baby; Fred, Hallow's Eve; Bob, Idiot box; Barkeep, The Deadeye Kid; Paul Bett, The Naked Truth (B&B2); Gorvi, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Fred, Where Are you Now?

John Lingard                 Cedrick, Bride of the Minotaur; Hawkins, DraculaDotCom; Uncle Abney, Lost Hearts; Mr. Scarrick, Quail Seed; Dr. Sunderland, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Policeman, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Norton, Tropical Horror

Judith Moore                Old Woman, Lost Hearts; Lady, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Melisande, The Archway Room; Mrs. Gordon, Quail Seed

Julie Carson                  Infernique, Force Majeure; Red, Cry wolf; Meg Pickens, Hanging at Pickens Rock (DeK2); Old Lady Hope, Il Professoro's Daughter

Julie Hoverson             Clarence Fanshaw, Hanging at Pickens Rock (DeK2); Dana, A Date With Dana; Martha Hale, A Jury of Her Peers; Clarence Fanshaw, Auld Lang Syne; TV Host, Bread Overhead; Father Omalley, Bread Overhead; News 2, Bread Overhead; Russian grunt, Bread Overhead; Russian girl, Bread Overhead; Julie, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Cornelius, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Clarence Fanshaw, Haunting Melody (DeK4); Miss Jones, Quail Seed; Mrs. Lipping, Quail Seed; Annie Body, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Irina/Woman, The Lamp Goes Out; Mrs. McGuire, Reel 54; Mrs. Freda Dunny, One Out of Ten; Painter, 2BR02B; Ursula, Dragon; Britt Mecklin, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Doc, Where Are you Now?; Marnie, Where Are you Now?; Geneva telefax, Bread Overhead; Annie, Bride of the Minotaur; Maude Henley, Castle Makeover; Nana, Cautionary Tale; Wendy, Childhood Trauma; Det. Phyllis Jermyn, Chilllin'; Martha, Countdown; Maggie, Crumping the Devil; Donna Bella, Cry wolf; Chief, Cultists Stole My Baby; Sophia, Drawer 23; Clarence Fanshaw, Fool me Once; Maggie, Fool me Once; Rena, Force Majeure; Doris, Gift of the Zombi; Ari, Hallow's Eve; Radio Voice, Hallow's Eve; David Wexler, Heir Aberrant; Mrs. Teasdale, Heir Aberrant; Reggie, Heir Aberrant; Mitzi, Heir Aberrant; Old Man Waverly, Heir Aberrant; Raymond Waverly, Heir Aberrant; Clarence Fanshaw, Hostel Territory (DeK3); Maya Lackey, Il Professoro's Daughter; Trudy Garfunkel, Jack in the Box; Cop2, Karma; Fay James, Making Book; Also heard, Murder Ward, Housewarming; Madame Foulet, Questions in a Dark room; Tour Guide, Questions in a Dark room; Rosie, Sťance; Nursey/Helen, Set Piece; Cael, Sword Kvetch; Lady Eleanor, The Canterville Ghost; Replacement Lacey, The Darrin Dilemma; Clarence Fanshaw, The Deadeye Kid; Donna Bella, The Naked Truth (B&B2); Vanessa 98949, The Outpost; Old guy, The Picture in the House; Bella, The Rookie; Helen, The Saki Quartette; Old Scupper, The Seventh Key; Lieutenant Jurgen Kienze, The Temple; Carla Skray, Three Exes for Christmas; Olivia, Trilogy for Xmas; Dana Manners, Waithin the Walls of Eryx; Jessica, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow; Katherine Heatherton, Wit and Wizardry; Medium, Splinters of the Gate; Senator Rapunzel, Hot Ginger Bread; Agent, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods

Justin Charles               [1st Draft] Begor, Castle Makeover; Woodcutter, Hot Ginger Bread; Tom, The Naked Truth (B&B2)

Kate Waterous             Woman Lecturer, Bride of the Minotaur; Matilda, Force Majeure; Lady Lecturer, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); June, The Rookie; Dana, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow

Kim Poole                    Mrs. Jones, The Leech; Kathy, Bread Overhead; Kate, Dragon; Kathy, Idiot box; Euterpe, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Old Woman, The Archway Room; Mrs. Wright, A Jury of Her Peers

Kim Turner                   Pockam (alien), Jack in the Box; Edmund Rafelsen/Achilles, Murder Ward; Kelvin, The Rookie; Mr. Nuttel, The Saki Quartette

Kris Keppeler              Rose Thinker, Bread Overhead; Miss Dresden, Childhood Trauma; Amity Fowler, Hanging at Pickens Rock (DeK2); Ms. Sheldon, Idiot box; Trudy, Sťance; Penelope Cartwright, For Art's Sake; Mom, Lonely at the Top

Kristina Yuen               Margie, Housewarming; Regia, The Seventh Key; Carmelita, The Wrong Bob

Krystal Baker               Little Girl, An Hour to Kill; Amber Sorensen, Chilllin'; Maddy Fowler, Hanging at Pickens Rock (DeK2); Amalan, Sword Kvetch; Markie, The Darrin Dilemma; Nurse, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Creepy Little Girl, Where Are you Now?; child, Hostel Territory

Lothar Tuppan              Bob, A Date With Dana; Caller5, A Date With Dana; Trace Malone, Reel 54; B.O. Wulf, Hot Ginger Bread; Soldier2, The Leech

Lyndsey Thomas         Brianna, Exit Strategy; Teza, Lonely at the Top; Mrs. Umney, The Canterville Ghost; Matilda, The Saki Quartette

Marge Lutton               Agatha, The Rookie; Mrs. MacGruder, Jack in the Box; Dr. Sara Larson, Murder Ward; Supply Clerk, Waithin the Walls of Eryx

Mark Olson                  Rick, The Darrin Dilemma; Player1, Auld Lang Syne; Man, Auld Lang Syne; Soldier, Auld Lang Syne; Agent Howard, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods; Hank, Haunting Melody; Goose Gander, Hot Ginger Bread; Mysterious stranger, Hot Ginger Bread; Craig, The Archway Room; Pilot, The Leech; Crowd, Reel 54

Master Payne               Government press release, Bread Overhead; Mayor, Dragon; Librarian, Dis Belief

Mathias Rebne Morgan            Justin, Exit Strategy; Troy, The Seventh Key; Dr. Lucas Trevalien, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Doctor/Trainer/Priest, Lonely at the Top

Megan Lane                 Julia, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods; Darcy, Drawer 23; Barbara "Bobbie" Chandler, Hallow's Eve; Mrs. Lucretia Otis, The Canterville Ghost; Vestal, The Rookie; Mrs. Heasant, The Saki Quartette

Melissa Bartell              Womyn, A Date With Dana; Melody Heath, Haunting Melody (DeK4); Libby, The Lamp Goes Out

Melissa Pang               Bank Teller, An Hour to Kill; Megera Winterly, Bread Overhead; Comm unit, SNAFU; Mandy, The Rookie; Monica, Three Exes for Christmas; Truth, Cultists Stole My Baby

Michael Coleman          Freddie, Bride of the Minotaur; Kev, Crumping the Devil; Dr. Sullivan, Haunting Melody (DeK4); Oliver, Sťance; Williams, Trilogy for Xmas; Charles, The Picture in the House; Charles, The View Lrom Within; Charles, The Facts Concerning...

Michael Faigenblum      Tyler, Exit Strategy; Andy, Housewarming; Brad, Il Professoro's Daughter; Hiram Otis, The Canterville Ghost; Lucas/Doorbell Mike, The Rookie; Dr. Michael Pettigrew, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Other sailor, Tropical Horror; Bart, Idiot box; Cloten, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; other men, Cautionary Tale

Mike Campbell             Scotty, Auld Lang Syne; Carl, Idiot box; Joe, Il Professoro's Daughter; Rennie, The Big Dark; Mellon, Night Patrol; Tim, The Archway Room; Soda Jerk, The Naked Truth (B&B2); Tex, The Seventh Key; Joky, Tropical Horror

Molly Tollefson             Gwynneth Robinson, For Art's Sake; Harp Fowler, Hanging at Pickens Rock (DeK2); Markie/Malque, Lonely at the Top; Mrs. Farge, The Thrice Tolled Bell

Mr. Synyster                Prince, Cry wolf; Officer Sees-Real-Far, Cry wolf; Bob, Hallow's Eve; Harold, Where Are you Now?

Pat McNally                 Bernard, The Rookie; Preacher Ronald, Murder Ward; Mahamo, Trilogy for Xmas; Marshall Miller, Within the Walls of Eryx; Radio Voices, Jack in the Box

Philemon Vanderbeck   Maitre d', Hot Ginger Bread; Richard, The View From Within; Richard, The Facts Concerning...; Rumpy Stiltskin, Cry wolf; Arturo, For Art's Sake; Alienist, Splinters of the Gate; Richard, The Picture in the House; Hierophant, Bride of the Minotaur; Rumpy Stiltskin, Hot Ginger Bread

Reynaud LeBoeuf         Workman, Auld Lang Syne; Edward K. Wehling, Jr., 2BR02B; Fitz, A Date With Dana; Radio Moscow, Bread Overhead; Goldstein, CHEMO:  Town of Golden Woods; Mr. Gerhardt, Childhood Trauma; Bobby / Rory, Countdown; Thug, Cultists Stole My Baby; Old Farmer, Dragon; Andy, Gift of the Zombi; Specialist William Olsen, Night Patrol; Boy, Quail Seed; Detective Harker, The Big Dark; Dave, The Jingles; Captain Oftheguard, The Naked Truth; Coffee Vendor, Reel 54; Gigli, Sword Kvetch; Louie, The Rookie; Det. Howard Upton, Chillin'; Bouncers, Chillin'; Captain Oftheguard, Cry wolf; Cymbeline, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Male Body / Bedelia, Drawer 23; Billy Jones, Hallow's Eve; Rafe Jenkins, Hanging at Pickens Rock; Mr. Cartland, Haunting Melody; Don Phelps, Hostel Territory; Vic Hansel, Hot Ginger Bread; Dad, Idiot Box; Timmy Garfunkel, Jack in the Box; Cop1, Karma; Rusty James, Making Book; Adam, Set Piece; Hap Tarbox, The Deadeye Kid; Auguste, The View From Within (L5_3); Zombie Phil, Three Exes for Christmas; Thompson, Tropical Horror; Kenton J. Stanfield, Within the Walls of Eryx; Vincent, Murder Ward; Boy, Cautionary Tale

Rhys TM                      Kyra, A Date With Dana; Enid, Wit and Wizardry; Charlie, An Hour to Kill; Grandmother Teeth, Cautionary Tale; Bertha, Crumping the Devil; Vivienne, For Art's Sake; Rebekah Gretal, Hot Ginger Bread; Justine/Janice, Set Piece; Medium, Bride of the Minotaur; Martha, The Picture in the House; Winky, Cry wolf; Mrs. Wolf, Cry wolf; Vivienne, The Big Dark; Miranda Locksley, The Thrice Tolled Bell; Momma, Where Are you Now?

Rick Lewis                   Bartender, Auld Lang Syne; Dr. Van Helsing, DraculaDotCom; Sheriff Mortimer, Hanging at Pickens Rock; Prof. Rappacini, Il Professoro's Daughter; Mr. Stott/Howard, Set Piece; Vera's Uncle, The Saki Quartette; Roarke, The Seventh Key; Kapitan Leutnant Karl Heinrich, The Temple; Kipling, Trilogy for Xmas; Old Man, Where Are you Now?; Baron Heatherton, Wit and Wizardry; Van Helsing, The Thrice Tolled Bell

Robyn Keyes               Miss Fritten, Quail Seed; Lisette, Auld Lang Syne; Nursey, Crumping the Devil; Leona Pope, Cultists Stole My Baby; Vera's Aunt, The Saki Quartette; Adrienne, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow

Russell Gold                 Roger Snedden, Assistant Secretary, Bread Overhead; footman, Wit and Wizardry; News, Three Exes for Christmas; Physician, Bride of the Minotaur; Death, Crumping the Devil; Ted, Crumping the Devil; Posthumous, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Jonathan Harker, DraculaDotCom; Burke, SNAFU; Physician, Splinters of the Gate (PJ2); Newscaster/Fred on Phone, Three Exes for Christmas; Jos Wrackgarth, Trilogy for Xmas; Crowd, Reel 54; Lassiter, The Outpost; crew, Fool me Once

Shawn Connor             Officer Hooper, Hallow's Eve; Gabby, Hanging at Pickens Rock (DeK2); Garret Collum, Hostel Territory (DeK3); Schmidt / Zimmer / Bohin, The Temple; Claude, An Hour to Kill; Reed, Night Patrol

Shelbi Macintyre           June, Bread Overhead; June, Idiot Box

Steve Guy                    Steve, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Aide, Bread Overhead

Tanja Milojevic             [Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind] Phone Hostess, 2BR02B; Gloria, Countdown; Tanja, Cymbeline Gets the Reboot; Girl, The Rookie; Gertie, One Out of Ten; Lucy, Quail Seed; Missy, Fool me Once; Yulia, Cautionary Tale; Tanya, Idiot box; Chris, When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow





ART / American Radio Theater - an old-time radio
re-creation group who have collaborated with 19Noc!

Joy Jackson - Murder Ward / Jack. In the Box.

Diana Haviland - Jack. In the Box. [snippets repeated in Bingo the Birthday Clown]

Richard Haviland - Jack. In the Box.  / Trilogy for Xmas

Marge Lutton - Within the Walls of Eryx / Jack. In the Box. / Murder Ward / The Rookie

Rhea Lutton - Housewarming

Melinda Mains - Jack. In the Box. / Murder Ward

Pat McNally - Within the Walls of Eryx / Jack. In the Box. / Murder Ward  / Trilogy for Xmas / The Rookie
[snippets repeated in Bingo the Birthday Clown]

Greg Porter - Jack. In the Box. / Murder Ward  / Making Book

Kim Turner - Jack. In the Box. / Murder Ward  / Saki Quartette / The Rookie

[ACTORS   - If I'm missing your name, or one of your appearances, or if you have a resume site you want a link to - make sure to email and let me know!]

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