Whatever Happened
to Baby Dali?

Written by Julie Hoverson
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Theo and Leona of the World Bugle (Team E-O to you) return for another scoop
(they originally appeared in
Cultists Stole My Baby!)

Cast List
Theo - Henry Marks
Leona - Robyn Keyes
Chief - Julie Hoverson
Larry - Dave Fontenot
Baby Dali1 - Julie Hoverson
Baby Dali2 - Rhys T-M
Baby Dali3 - Danar Hoverson
Waitress - Sirena Raine
Melody - Tanja Milojevic
     (Lightning Bolt)
Harmony - Cailean Evedus
Other Dalis - Marleigh Norton, Kat Pryde, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Kimberly Gianopoulos, Kimberly Poole, Brittney Cruz

Music by Josh Woodward
Dali Song - Music by Reju, words by Arthur O'Shaugnessy, Sung by Julie Hoverson

Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
Cover Design:  Julie Hoverson

"What kind of a place is it?
Why it's an infamous newsroom, can't you tell?"



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