Loup Noir

Written by Julie Hoverson
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When a drifter wanders into a small town - things may get a little... hairy

Cast List
Marjorie Baines - Violet Crestley
Lou Garreau - Reynaud LeBoeuf
Edith Baines - Eleice Krawiec
Dennis Cooperman - David Collins-
     Rivera (Lostinbronx)
Skitch - Justin Grubbs
Children - Katy and Athena

Music by Thomas Cusack /
Leafy Lane Productions]
Editing and Sound:   Julie
     Hoverson and Justin Charles
     [1st Draft Productions]
Cover Design: Charles Austin Miller


"What kind of a place is it?
Why it's small town in wartime in the middle
of the last century, can't you tell?"



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