Bread Overhead

Adapted by Julie Hoverson from the story
by Fritz Leiber

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The Puffy Loaf corporation takes the next "logical" step to make their bread fluffier and lighter
...possibly lighter than air.

[This is adapted from a Fritz Leiber story published in 1958, which has passed into the public domain.  Many tanks to Librivox and Project Gutenberg for digging out these otherwise lost classics.]

Music by Kevin MacLeod (, except for "Softly and Gently..." (words & music by Will Thompson, 1880. Public Domain. Public Domain MIDI file, altered by Bill McGinnis.)

Editing and Sound:  Julie Hoverson
Cover Design:  Julie Hoverson
     (with help from Brett Coulstock)

Cast List
(there's a good reason the cast list is way down here)
Megera Winterly - Melissa Pang
Roger Snedden - Russell Gold
Phineas T. Gryce - Glen Hallstrom
Tin Philosopher - Jerry Bennett
Rose Thinker - Kris Keppeler


Congresswoman - Sharon Delong
Aide - Steve Guy
Robot Tour Guide -
Derek M. Koch (Mail Order Zombie)

Henpecked pilot - Jack Hosley (Wander Radio)

Kathy - Kim Poole (Warp'd Space)
June - Shelbi McIntyre

Preacher - Ferguson (Cadavertrax)
Child - Spawn of Ferguson

Radio Moscow1 - Reynaud LeBoeuf
Government Official -
 Master Payne
Radio Moscow2 - Julie Hoverson

Delhi Telefax - Ayoub Khote

General - Bryan Hendrickson
Scientist - Frederick Greenhalgh (Final Rune Productions)

Doomsayer - Danar Hoverson
Father O'Malley - Clarence Fanshaw

Geneva telefax - Julie Hoverson

Hawker1 - Jeff Pittman
Hawker2 - Jeff Taylor
Hawker3 - Shayla Conrad-Simms
Hawker4 - Mark Olson
Hawker5 - Connor Olson

News1 - Jerry Bennett
News2 - Julie Hoverson

Naturalist - Brett Coulstock

News - Jerry Bennett
Radio Moscow - Reynaud LeBoeuf

Russian Wife - Gwendolyn-Jensen Woodard (Gypsy audio)

Arabic Storyteller -   Terry Cooper

Interviewer - Ellen Vickery
Climber1 - J. Christopher Dunn
Climber2 - Mark Olson
Climber3 - Brody Walker (Rainbow Reels Cinema)

[Anyone not mentioned was probably Julie Hoverson.....]

What Kind of a place is it?
Why it's a lovely white bread future (by way of 1958) can't you tell?


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