Wit & Wizardry

Written by Julie Hoverson
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In the regency world of manners, mores, and miss Jane Austen
, a pair of sisters use a touch of magic to help their widowed father find something he lost long ago.

Cast List
Everard Grey - Michael Hudson
Katherine Heatherton - Julie Hoverson
Sophie Grey - Beverly Poole
Phoebe Grey - Chandra Wade
Roger Colfield - Will Watt
Barnet Colfield - Benjamin Lind
Enid - Rhys TM
Miss Tinsdale - Jennifer Dixon
Adele Grey - Fiona Thraille
Baron Heatherton - Rick Lewis
Footman - Russell Gold
Clerk - Bryan Hendrickson

Music from the album Lady Caroline's Regency Romp
by The Lexington Vintage Dance Society
[additional music from Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com]

Editing and Sound:  
Julie Hoverson, with Suzanne Dunn on scene prep
Cover Design:  Julie Hoverson and Brett Coulstock

[cover art attributions]

"What kind of a place is it?
Why it's a parlor in the early 1800s, can't you tell?"



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