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Bingo the Birthday Clown, season 1

Written by Julie Hoverson
Music by Project System 12  (also available on Jamendo)
Used under a creative commons license.

Bingo goes live at 7 p.m. (PST), every other Tuesday

Episode 1  "Before"  (11/3/09)
The time before.  Before what?  Just before

Episode 2  "Liberate" (11/17/09)
A new Starrette.  And an old one.  And one other... 

Episode 3  "Talent Show" (12/1/09)
It's all for the children.  And... where do all the old Starrettes go?

Episode 4 "Episode 256" (12/15/09)
What's behind the magic door?

Episode 5 "Let Bingo Out" (12/29/09)
The fate of a favorite.

Plus a special conglomerate of Episodes 1-5, all together.

Episode 6 "The Red Zone" (1/12/10)
Linda returns - but where has she been?

Episode 7 "Lucky Penny" (1/26/10)
Gary, Linda, and Penny - three different ways... out.

Episode 8 "Monkey Drop" (2/9/10)
A tragic death.  A tragic memory.  A tragic turn of events.

Episode 9 "Rude Awakening" (2/23/10)
Things spiral out of control on the air, and into a dither in the outland.

Episode 10 "Poetry in Motion" (3/9/10)
Time to change partners - do-si-do.  And a new player enters the field.


Episodes 6-10, all together!

Episode 11 "Captivate" (3/23/10)
Everyone gets carried away...

Episode 12 "Unstoppable"  (4/6/10)
A new villain...

Episode 13 "Boom Chute" (4/20/10)
Tunis is consoled, Shaboo is doused, and Rose disappears.

Episode 14 "Small Termination" (5/4/10)
Legs.  Guns.  More flashbacks.  An end.  A beginning.

Episode 15 "The Mash" (5/18/10)
Mashed potatoes.  Tunis mashes on Linda.

Episodes 11-15, all together!

Episode 16 "Breathe Deep" (6/1/10)
Shaboo gets loose.  Isabelle is wound tight.  And the new starrette is...odd.

Episode 17 "A Swelled head" (6/15/10)
The old prof goes after Cindy, Goggles wants to go after Gina, Tunis keeps after Linda, and Nellie just goes.

Episode 18 "Do-Si-Do" (6/29/10)
A secret is revealed, a fate is sealed, and a new player enters the field. And Tunis is a fanboy...

Episode 19 "The Old Switcheroo" (7/13/10)
No Candles, but Bells and Books make quite an impression.

Episode 20 "Everything Old is New Again" (7/28/10)
What the heck is Tunis up to?  And Goggles?  Jinkies!

Episodes 16-20, all together!


Episode 21 "Action Verbs" (8/10/10)
Someone dies?  Someone is taken away?  And a big reveal...

Episode 22 "Behind that Curtain" (8/25/10)
One has fallen, and one is yet to fall.  One is waking, and many have walked before, and two dangerous forces face off.... very politely

Episode 23 "Losers, Weepers" (9/8/10)
Where did Goggles end up?  And where did Dodie go?  And what will happen to Linda?

Episode 24 "Falling Behind" (9/22/10)
More stuff happens.

Episode 25 "Up and at'em" (11/6/10)
Missing kids.... Masterminds... noises.... oh my.


Episodes 21-25


Episode 26 "An Offer You Can't Refuse" (11/17/10)
It just keeps going... and going....

Episode 27 "Who's in Charge Here?" (12/3/10)
And what are they doing to Tunis?

Episode 28 "Back to Basics" (12/17/10)
Everything starts to come together... or maybe to come apart.

Episode 29 "March of the Starrettes"
More stuff happens.

THE END - Episode 30 "The End of the Line"
Missing kids.... Masterminds... noises.... oh my.


Episodes 26-30


Season 1 Cast:

Gary - Gene Thorkildsen

Isabelle - Rhys TM

Cindy - Ellen Vickery

Rose - Chandra Wade

Bingo - Joel Harvey

Tina - Julia Carson

Gina - Crystal Thomson

Giggles - Himself

Linda - Julie Hoverson

Old Man/Prof. Higginbotham -
        Reynaud LeBoeuf

Goggles - Marhya Post

Penny - Krystal Baker

Tunis the Unstoppable -
       Gareth Bowley

Gigi - Deanna Hulbert

Nellie -  Robyn Keyes

Shaboo - Joel Harvey

Trixie - Tanja Milojevic

Dodie - Kim Poole

Loupo (robot) - Don K.

Vicky - Helen Edwards

Trixie - Melissa Pang

Henry Johnson - Bob Noble

Voice on phone - Julie H.

Ruth - Tanja Milojevic

Gloria - Jacquie Duckworth

Bert - Michael Faigenblum

Stella - Beverly Poole

Amanda Cool - Diana Haviland

Snap Harper - Pat McNally

Matilda - Gwendolyn

Bowie - Angela Kirby

Colt - Cole Hornaday

Marco - Glen Hallstrom

Gregory Keene - Brett Coulstock



Cora Booth

Alexandria Jean Grey

Moira Gideon

Griffin Reddig

Jaiden Douwes

Kesri Reed

[Recorded at Norwescon 2009!]
Thomas Hudson
Jake Hudson
James Hudson
and Diana & Rachel



Melissa Pang
Angela Kirby

Julie Hoverson



Want to read ahead?  The first season scripts are here....  but be warned - they can be addictive.


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Physical collages made by Julie Hoverson.
No claim of rights is made, express or implied, to the original artwork these are derived from. 
There is no profit involved in these, but if someone objects to use of a specific piece,
for which they hold the copyright, I will willingly remove that piece from the picture.

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