The Dunwich Horror

adapted in four parts by Julie Hoverson
from the story by
H.P. Lovecraft


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Part 1 of 4
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A trio of professors from Miskatonic University uncover something dreadful in a backwards rural town.


Part 2 of 4
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Arriving in Dunwich, they fine that horrible things have begun to happen - and the locals are worried.

Part 3 of 4
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Tragedy strikes - and the police arrive!



Part 4 of 4
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The final showdown with the unseen monster - with the fate of the world at stake!


Music by Kevin MacLeod

Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
Additional Effects by Henry Howard

Cover Design:  Julie Hoverson
Cover art attributions:
Birds:  K. Rayker
Farm: Patrice Dufour
Stones:  Lars Sundstrom


Full Cast List:
 Professor Henry Armitage - Dave Marshall
Professor Warren Rice - Glen Hallstrom
Doctor Francis Morgan - Lothar Tuppan
Voice of the Necronomicon  - Lord Blood-Rah
Wilbur/Orville Whateley - Danar Hoverson
Wizard Whateley - Charles Austin
Lavinia Whateley - Julie Hoverson
Miss Ward - Eleice Krawiec
Mrs. Armitage - Kris Keppeler
Doctor Hartwell - Chris Lackey (
Curtis Whateley - J. Spyder Isaacson
Mamie Bishop  - Beverly Poole
Earl Sawyer - Rick Lewis
Silas Bishop  - Eli Nilssen
Joe Osborne - Reynaud LeBoeuf
Mrs. Corey - Robyn Keyes
Mrs. Fry - Kim Poole
Luther Corey - Matthias Rebne-Morgan
Widow Zebulon  - Rhys TM
Sally Bishop  - Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard (Gypsy Audio)
Chauncey Bishop  - Mike Campbell
Officer Williams - Jack Kincaid (Edict Zero)
Officer O'Reilly - Michael Coleman (Tales of the Extraordinary)
Cop1  - Chad Fifer (
Seth Bishop and additional voices - Mark Olson
Other crowd voices  - Dunwich Townsfolk

Vicious Guard Dogs:  Quinn and Spencer (and their personal assistant Donna)

With much thanks to Fred Greenhalgh of Radio Drama Revival!!!
Thanx also to Reymaud LeBeouf for his help in directing Lavinia Whateley.




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