Auld Lang Syne
(Deadeye Kid #5)

by Julie Hoverson

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A quirk of fate brings both Lem and Fanshaw face to face with people from their pasts.  disagreeable reunions bring up disagreeable memories,
and show a taste of what makes a man into a gunslinger.


Cast List

Lemuel Roberts /Deadeye Kid
      J. Spyder Isaacson
Clarence Fanshaw -
      J. Hoverson


Grisham - Bill Hollweg
     (BrokenSea Audio)
Lisette Carmichael -
     Robyn Keyes
Commander Bannington -
     Glen Hallstrom
Scotty - Mike Campbell


Other Voices:

Episode 1
Bartender - Rick Lewis

Episode 2
Townsfolks - Mark Olson,
Candace behuniak,
Big Anklevitch & Rish Outfield (Dunesteef audio magazine)

Episode 3
Juliet - Alexa Chipman (Imagination Lane)
Glen Hallstrom

Episode 4
Bandits - Big Anklevitch & Rish Outfield (Dunesteef audio magazine)
Piedmont - Russell Gold
Mr. Roberts - Jack Kincaid (Edict Zero)

Episode 5
Nanny - Jennifer Dixon
Bandits - Big Anklevitch & Rish Outfield (Dunesteef audio magazine)

Episode 6
Bandits - Big Anklevitch & Rish Outfield (Dunesteef audio magazine)
Mark & Connor Olson
Russell Gold




Cover Design:  Brett Coulstock

Announcer:  Glen "Ole Hoss" Hallstrom
Opening theme:  "The Wreck of Old '97"
     from public domain recording found on
Any incidental music:  Kevin MacLeod (
Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson


No gunshots herald his approach.  No trademark left behind him when he leaves. 
The Kid had his fill of notoriety in days gone by -
as plenty of empty boots can surely testify.  
Some say he rides alone. 
That's the Deadeye Kid.




Deadeye main

1-The Deadeye Kid

2-Pickens Rock

3-Hostel Territory

4-Haunting Melody

5-Auld Lang Syne        


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