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For years a notoriously fast and ruthless gunslinger working for the highest bidder, Lemuel Roberts turned over a new leaf nearly overnight - giving up the name, but not the gun, and trying to atone for the wrongs he'd done.  But his reputation keeps popping up to plague him, and there are still places where he's a wanted man.

Lem alone knows the origin of his nickname, The Deadeye Kid.  Most folks assume it's something to do with his unerring aim, or that "them what falls within his sights end up dead", but it's far simpler - Lem sees, hears, and speaks with ghosts.  It's a talent he (and a few others) had from birth, though Lem spent years denying, ignoring, and drinking away the phantoms.

Traveling with Lem through the west is Clarence Fanshaw, a British travel writer - who also happens to be one of the dead that Lem alone can see.  It was Fanshaw's untimely demise - trying to push Lem out of the way of a bullet - that caused Lem's sudden change of heart and determination to make up for his years of walking on the wrong side. 

What began as a self-imposed penance - Lem carrying Fanshaw's ashes with him as a constant reminder, and consequently being accompanied everywhere by the ghostly Brit - has become a working partnership and awkward camaraderie.  A scout who can't be seen can be mighty handy in a number of situations, even if all that highfaluting talk does work the nerves sometimes.

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